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I wanted to start sharing my customs and hope it is okay to do so here.

Of course! I just created this forum a few days ago but given the nature of Miniature Trading’s likely demise, I hope to expand and improve it as I continue to build and flesh out my fansite here at Pirates with Ben. I appreciate you posting and I’m so glad you joined my Pirates site! 😀

I actually think you pretty much nailed those two custom ships! Is that the spelling you want, or is it supposed to be Resource with a c? She reminds me of the Blackwatch for the same point cost. Neptune’s Horror has a very powerful ability, but I think it’s balanced between the rank-4 cannons and S speed. Thanks for posting those!


Historical Custom of the Day #202

John Leadstone
7 points
Ability: HI Raider. [This ship may dock at an enemy home island and load one treasure. If able, she must leave on your next turn.] Once per turn choose one Pirate ship within S of this ship: that ship gets +S to her base move and +1 to her cannon rolls this turn.

You can find my custom sets here: Pirates of the Age of Sail and Pirates of the Epic Seas