Reply To: What do you play like?


I would like to know how other people play.

I like to change things up.  I’ve played well over 400 games, with build totals from 10 points to 500.  My favorite of course are huge games.  I recommend you check out Game Ideas.

Perhaps campaign is a bad adjective but that is what we usual describe it as.

From the sounds of it that makes sense.  Any game where gold is used to purchase new ships and crew can be described as a campaign.  I haven’t tried resetting the map/ship locations before each session, but that’s something that CCM has done.

I’ve done plenty of campaign type games before where gold can be exchanged for crew/ships of equal point value.

Any memorable moments or specifics you remember?  Love hearing about CG’s.

Let’s give credit where it’s due: looks like CCM came up with the whaling scenario.