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Thar She Blows!

there are no wild islands. Lay out a home island for each player (at least 5L apart), and build your fleets as usual. (For the fleets we chose to have an equal start of the exact same ships at least 1 single mast at most 3 single mast and 1 five mast)Each player contributes the normal amount of treasure coins (no unique treasures…we played with uniques but they were custom), which are set aside, face-down.(for our games we mirror each others Hi & put a loose ring of sargosso 2L away from HI so we know once we enter the seas we can whale)

This scenario adds a fifth kind of orders a ship can be given: Whaling. Your ship must be at least 2L from any island, and 1L from all other ships, to get these orders. If you give a ship Whaling orders, it remains motionless, and you roll a die for that ship.


1.If the ship has no treasure, nothing happens. If it does have treasure on board, it is rammed by a whale! Roll another die, and remove that many treasure coins from the ship. If you run out of treasure, start removing masts. If you rolled a 6, the ship loses all its cargo and becomes derelict.

2.Nothing in sight but seagulls. Your on edge so +1 to next your whaling roll

3.An experienced crew can find whales where landlubbers see only the ocean. If your ship has treasure aboard, treat this roll as a 5 (see below); if not you saw somthing over here +1 to your next whaling roll

4.Nantucket sleigh ride! Roll a die. If it comes up 1-3, the whale got away; if 4-6, you caught the whale (as if you’d rolled a 5, as below).

5.You caught a whale! Add 1 treasure coin, chosen at random, to this ship’s cargo.

6.You found a pod of whales! Fill your ship’s cargo holds with treasure coins.

Explorer crew function as expert lookouts. Perched in the crow’s nest and searching for whales, an Explorer lets you add +1 to a ship’s die rolls for Whaling if it has no treasure on board. Explorers can’t help with a Nantucket-sleigh-ride roll.

All the other usual rules apply. On top of all that we also played with the buy ships and crew with the gold you earn but with a twist.(post is long will mention the twist if asked about)