Reply To: Fixing Factions: Mercenaries


I also think that Ex-patriot should be worth 0 points, not 1. Their named crew have very powerful effects, and the ability to use them on any ship ties into the whole idea of Ex-pats and mercenaries, but paying one extra point for a small head start and inability to dock at your HI for repairs is not a good trade off. And I think that if every crew had had a unique ability, like Nemo’s and Greek Guy’s, they would make more sense thematically. At the end of the day there’s no reason for a pirate fleet to spend 7 points on Osvaldos when Geoffrey Flores does the trick for 6, but if Osvaldos did something extra (spitballing: maybe he allows broadsides attacks to be rerolled) then there’s an incentive to shell out the extra point to hire him.