Reply To: Is Le Loup-Garou really good or really bad?


I typically use Tiger’s Eye with Barbarossa or Hawkins + Skyme when I make an offensive Barbary fleet, which works pretty well. I’ve noticed as well that the best cannons on Corsair ships tend to be the front ones, which makes me think this was on purpose to tie in to boarding. Otherwise yeah I go all into gold running with Corsairs.

I’m not expecting LLG to be competitive for me, but it’s still a nice addition to the collection if only for the flavor of it. I feel like there’s probably some build that can max out its abilities, but you’re right that there’s probably just objectively better ships at 17 points. I mean, La Magnifique is 17 and I think Le Superbe is 16.

Is Ghost Ship worth 6 points? I feel like it should be 2. (SCS El Fantasma would imply that it costs 2 points for him)