Reply To: The Fleets Thread


You can remove a mast most of the time for free, but you sacrifice a move action next turn.

Not necessarily on the second part.  If they move away on their turn after you ram, you could move again on your next turn unless you’re immobilized by something else.  But it can also go the other way – if they don’t move away and they keep masts up, they can keep you pinned as long as they have masts on the rammed/pinning ship.

Anyways, advice is needed! Is this as tight and deadly as it can be? This isn’t for a learning game, it’s fully competitive!

I think it’s quite good for a 40 point French deathmatch fleet.  You’ve got a max of 17 shots per turn, which is very nice.  You have good abilities present and the 3L’s and Extended Range can help mitigate enemy cancellers, which you certainly might see.  Barring a submarine, you should be well-prepared for most enemies and it could come down to a simple shootout.

Those latest fleets look good too.  Though Leon and Raton are set up to only have 1 open cargo space between them, so stealing gold with them could be tough. (unless you’re referring to bringing back enemy derelicts)