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I’m even more convinced that the Duchesse could be very powerful, so I’ve bumped her to 20 right now.

John’s Knighthood
Type: Ship
Faction Affiliation: Pirate
Rarity: C
Point Value: 15
Number of Masts: 3
Cargo Space: 4
Base Move: S+L
Cannons: 3L-2S-3L
Ability: Schooner. Eternal. Sniping. [You may double the range of this ship’s cannons each turn, but you must roll a 6 to hit.]
Link: Sir John Kingsbend

Flavor text: Making a mockery of the English “sir system”, these Pirates have a captain who claims to be a former knight of the Crown. Now he enjoys nights in drunken revelry, partying the time away and looting all who come near. The vessel is fast becoming popular in Tortuga and on the Spanish Main.

Sir John Kingsbend
Type: Crew
Faction Affiliation: Pirate
Rarity: C
Point Value: 8
Ability: Captain. Once per turn, if this ship is touching another ship, she can randomly take as much treasure from the other ship as she can carry.
Link: John’s Knighthood

Flavor text: Having already achieved success as a pirate, “Sir” John is in danger of losing his fortune to his rum addiction. However, with eager sailors trying to join the John’s Knighthood every month, it appears that he will have enough support in the short run for more pirating adventures.

Historical Custom of the Day #401

Edward Davis
8 points
Ability: Captain. HI Raider. When this ship unloads treasure at your home island, any coin printed with a silver number is worth +1 gold. This ship gets +1 to her cannon rolls against Spanish forts.
Link: Batchelor’s Delight, Mathurin Desmarestz, William Knight, James Kelly, George Raynor, Charles Swan, Peter Harris

Made the Batchelor’s Delight a bit better so she is now 8 points.

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