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French 40 point Marine Fleet

My only regret is that Marines are so damn expensive.

So I wanted to make a fleet that made use of France’s great Revolution ships as well as their two marines. The end result is… not good. But it could be fun.

La Belle Etoile (26 pts)

– Benoit de Marseilles

– Michel de Bordeaux

Le Bon Marin (9 pts)

– Khaleed Yousef

Becalmed, Divers

Marin runs gold, Belle Etoile heads to the opponent HI and unleashes the Marines on some poor unsuspecting treasure runner. You can use its ability to knock out crew or UTs, or if you can sink the ship you can ignore the ability to steal all of the gold with Divers. (The ship’s ability won’t work with the marines, though) The marines can then be dropped off at a contested wild island to hold things down until the Marin can come and pick the gold up.

This is NOT how I would normally build a French fleet. I’d typically do something along the lines of using Le Favori as another gold runner and putting a captain and helmsman on board the Belle Etoile, ditching the Marines and Events. But I wanted to try finding a build that will make decent use out of the two marines.

This fleet will go up against Barbary Corsairs and a Jean Laffite-led swarm fleet soon.


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