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Not the best results out of the MI packs. I was hoping for sub and some Ex-pats. I managed to get one Ex-Pat, Osvaldo de Deus Clemente, who is one of the “Captain, Broadsides Attack” crew. No subs.

I pulled L’Aube which will probably be a staple in my French fleets as well as the neat Periscope UT. Tombstone, Duncan, and HMS Iron Prince round it out. All underwhelming.

Le Bon Marin arrived, so expect a French fleet based around Marines soon. I’ll consider these purchases worth it if I get a new 4-mast Corsair ship or Barbarossa in the Corsair packs.

UPDATE: My copy of Bon Marin is misprinted!! The holes for the port hull are a few millimeters closer to the center than they should be, so I’m not sure if the hull will fit.


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