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Hey guys, here’s my battle report from the beginner’s game I mentioned 2 days ago. I unfortunately don’t remember the exact crew list of each ship except for mine. The points limit was 40, mixed fleets were allowed, and crew of any nationality were allowed on any ship for simplicity’s sake and to account for small collections.

I was using my Raven pirates fleet: I was running the eponymous Raven’s Neck as a hybrid, with a captain and helmsman along with a firepot. Up next was the Bloody Jewel with an explorer, and for a support gunship I had the Recreant, crewed by a captain and helmsman.

Opponent 1 had an interesting boarding-focused fleet, with the DJC Harbinger soaking much of the points since it had Jack Hawkins, some dude that would steal all of a ship’s gold upon a successful boarding action, a shipwright, and a helmsman. His secondary ship was the Zephyr, crewed by a captain.

Opponent 2 had a monstrous loadout, sporting the HMS Grand Temple and the Divine Dragon.

Opponent 3 had another HMS Grand Temple as well, but he chose not to crew his ship, adding another empty ship alongside the Temple; the Musarde.

Opponent 4 had an American fleet, with the OE Constitution and the USS Oregon. She put El Fantasma (SAC version), a helmsman, and an oarsman (might 6 had more, don’t remember) in the Constitution, and a helmsman with an explorer in the Oregon.

Here is what the game state looked like two turns in:

The Temples were the highlight of the game, commanding the attention of two players. #2 was attacked by both #1 and 3, with the Harbinger dealing light damage and killing the Temple’s Cannonneer, and the second Temple ramming the first. The Zephyr also rammed and boarded but, unsurprisingly, was unable to do anything.

I opted to leave the American fleet alone. The less I had to deal with El Fantasma and his 5 masts of doom, the better. Instead, I kept the Jewel constantly moving, making huge drops at my home island.

In the final few turns, there were only two coins left in the game and the fighting had escalated. #2’s Temple was pinned by the Zephyr, but he sunk it in a powerful volley after crippling the Harbinger in an earlier turn, taking off 3 masts. The Harbinger ran away to the center island, her hull punctured and her crew tired.

The Divine Dragon made #3’s Temple a derelict, and next turn it began to tow it back home. #3, with only one ship left, chose to unload his gold at home and remain there.

The American fleet finished clearing out their starting island and sat in their docks, waiting for the game to end. Seeing as how there wasn’t much more to do, I pulled the Recreant up to the Harbinger and shot it, landing 2 hits and turning it into a derelict.

With 1 player out of the game, it was decided that the game had ended, and all the gold was tallied up. I came in first, in no small part thanks to the excellent Bloody Jewel, at 15 gold. The Harbinger and the American fleet came in at a close 2nd and 3rd place, with a tie for 14 gold. The Americans gained the edge and cinched a 2nd place victory due to having a superior number of masts. Opponent #2 ended up with 3 6 masters, but never got to use them as the game was over before he had a chance to repair his captured ship.

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