Reply To: The Fleets Thread


I’ve about exhausted Spanish Main fleets. Moving on to Crimson Coast, which is the pack I have the least of sadly. Don’t have much to work with here. I’ve been trying to track down Crimson Coast packs online, as I don’t think I ever bought more than 6-7, but I’m only seeing single ships/crew.

40 pt. Pure French Crimson Coast fleet:

La Magnifique (29 pts)

– Capitane Arathiel

– Helmsman

– Cannoneer

– Shipwright

– Oarsman

– 5 pt dude whose name escapes me

L’Auguste (16 pts)

– Helmsman

– Explorer

I don’t like investing so much into one warship, but these are literally the only two French ships from CC I own. Luckily Magnifique/Arathiel are my favorite French ship/crew.


40 pt Pure Crimson Coast Pirate fleet

Duke (29 pts)

– Geoffrey Flores

– Jack Hawkins

– Helmsman

Rover (2 pts)

Bonny Liz (14 pts)

– The Hag of Tortuga

– Commodore Rhys Griffin Owen

Spanish Main’s Bonny Kate would have to play surrogate for Bonny Liz, as Rover/Duke are the only two pirate ships from CC that have survived the years for me. I like this fleet much better, though the Liz could could do with being faster.