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Primal Chaos
Type: Ship
Faction Affiliation: Cursed
Rarity: R
Point Value: 19
Number of Masts: 5
Cargo Space: 5
Base Move: L
Cannons: 4L-3S-2S-3S-4L
Ability: Firepot Specialist. Stinkpot Specialist. After this ship resolves a boarding party, eliminate a crew from both ships after all other results are applied. Pirate crew can use their abilities on this ship.
Link: The Hermit

Flavor text: Crewed by an intimidating mix of tribal natives, haggard pirates, and “primal cavemen”, this deadly vessel pillages the seas for hedonistic pleasures. She is led by a “wise hermit” who helms the ship almost naked. Rumors abound that the ship houses young dames from the Far East, but in reality it is a mixture of ammunition, corpses, rum, and wild animals. The ship is noisy, blood is spilt, and the chaos goes on.

The Hermit
Type: Crew
Faction Affiliation: Cursed
Rarity: U
Point Value: 5
Ability: Captain. Helmsman. This crew can only use his abilities on his linked ship.
Link: Primal Chaos

Flavor text: Still going strong at over 60 years old, The Hermit is a caveman at sea. In spite of the Primal Chaos engineering bedlam at all times, he is used to solitude at the helm.

Historical Custom of the Day #394

John Ireland
2 points
Ability: This ship gets +1 to her cannon rolls against targets with all their masts.
Link: Amity (sloop), Thomas Tew

You can find my custom sets here: Pirates of the Age of Sail and Pirates of the Epic Seas