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Oh, I updated my whirlpool-hopping Cursed fleet. I don’t expect it to be all that strong, but it tested well the other day.

Boneyard  (28 pts)

– El Fantasma (OE)

– Trogs

– Helmsman

– Explorer

– Oarsman

Snipe (12 pts)

– Calypso

Banshee’s Cry (5 pts)

– The Hag of Tortuga

– Explorer

The Devil’s Maw

Treasure: Pandora’s Box, Plunder, Buried Treasure, Ghostly Encounter, Dead Man’s Chest, 7, 7, 1

UTs to use for Pandora’s Box: Kraken Gong, Homing Beacon, Protection from Davy Jones (if I load it) Bad Maps, Maps of Hades, Missionary, Enemy of the State (if my opponent picks it up)

Islands to contribute: The mysterious island that moves all treasure to another island if you roll badly, the one that lets you play a UT from outside the game if you roll well.

Pretty simple strategy. Use the UTs to slow your opponent down. Whirlpool hop the Boneyard right on top of them and steal all the UTs your opponent finds first.

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