Reply To: The Fleets Thread


I don’t have any useful UTs right now, I haven’t really had a taste for them tbh. Anything that can accidentally help my opponent instead of me isn’t good in my eyes, but maybe there’s something I’m not getting when it comes to these treasures?


Ben, I’m not sure why you’re saying that El Raton is slow when the San Pedro and El Raton have the same starting speed and I haven’t given a helmsman to the San Pedro both for points sake and cargo space. Like I said, I’ll see if I really need it since it does sound like a good idea, but I like flexibility and El Raton is a cheap way to give Diablo independence to just rush in guns blazing.


Lastly, on the Duque Vs Leon question, I would pick the Leon over Duque because of the better cannons and the ramming immunity. El Leon is a nasty little pit fighter I can throw at any enemy and destroy 2-4 masts on average, which is pretty good in small games. Duque would be a good choice if her cannon ranks were just a little better but as it is I can’t compromise El Leon’s excellent shooters for more speed.