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Raven Pirates

Tomorrow I’m playing a 40 pt game with friends and we’re thinking of taking some casual pirates to introduce some new players. Here’s the fleet I’m bringing, let me know what you think:

Raven’s Neck: 19 pts

Captain + Helmsman + Firepot

Recreant: 14 pts

Captain + Helmsman

Bloody Jewel: 7 pts


Total: 40 pts

I would like to focus on gold running with this setup. The Firepot and the Recreant are there only as deterrents against intruders since the Raven’s Neck and the Bloody Jewel will be hauling in gold every turn. I want them to begin in a faraway island to get that gold first and then explore an island closer to home so that by the time everyone else is done exploring their home islands, I’ve already consolidated the gold in the center and can focus on protecting myself and my gold close to home. One thing I could definitely do is either move the Firepot to the Recreant, or replace it with a Helmsman on the Jewel to make it super fast. What do you guys think?

It’s not a fantastic fleet by any means but it’s a nice casual fleet I can use to have fun with new players. I would add more efficient options but I don’t have the ships I need yet and it would make it harder for the other players if I were to go all out on this game. Fun is the name of the game!

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