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Rebel Spanish fleet 

I’m going for a 40 point fleet here, just something simple to begin and get feedback with. There’s a small backstory to this fleet, and that is that these Spaniards have rebelled against royal Spanish authorities to help the natives in their colonies, hence the canoes.


El Leon: 14 pts

Captain + Helmsman + Contessa Anita Amore

San Pedro: 22 pts

Explorer + Native Chieftain

Native Canoes

El Raton: 9 pts


Fortaleza Dorada 

Total: 40pts

The object of this fleet is twofold: use the considerable gold-gathering ability of the San Pedro and the canoes to build up an early tally and bust out the Fortaleza in a key island. El Leon and El Raton would roam and protect the San Pedro and hunt smaller treasure runners if possible, but combined they might be able to take down bigger game.


I’m thinking that this fleet is well rounded and can take on most other challengers, especially in 1v1s where the map will be smaller, therefore easier to lock down with El Raton and Fortaleza Dorada.