Reply To: Battle Reports


Well this was a dumb ending:

England vs Pirates, nearly pure Spanish Main game. (I used OE Calico Cat and Griffin because I love how they work together, as well as forts.)

Pirates: Shadow, Longshanks, Zephyr. Griffin, Calico Cat, Helmsman and Gaspar Zuan aboard the Shadow.

England: HMS Leicester, HMS Albion. Admiral Morgan, Governor Lynch, Lynch’s noose, Helmsman, Captain aboard the Leicester.

England had the advantage at first. Admiral Morgan put in work, going off three times in the first five turns. They captured the Longshanks and were towing it to a nearby island when Calico Cat went off allowing the Shadow to catch and, by a miracle, land four shots in a row.

The Albion is able to plop down Ramsgate. The pirates ignore it. It’s clear they’ve won. The Zephyr eventually catches the Albion and rams it, ending the game.

But this game has weird rules about the end of the game. The pirates should not have rammed the Albion because between their HI and fort they only had 12 gold. There was 16 gold in Ramsgate. England wins.