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Hey guys, new guy here. My name’s Mechavelli, it came from my love of Niccolo Machiavelli- I just stylized his name haha. I got into Pirates a couple months back, and it was completely at random. I was out with some friends buying miniatures and comics, and we’d been browsing a couple stores by the time we came to this random gun store/comic shop (weird, I know lol) and I found a single SM pack on the counter. It was going to $3, and as I looked it over and read the back, I realized that this sounded like the kind of game I’ve always wanted to play. I’m big on 40k and other miniature games but haven’t started collecting, so Pirates was my first time actually getting game pieces. Collecting these guys, assembling them, and then playing actual games… man. What a treat! It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted 🙂

Lastly, I consider myself more of a player than a collector. I like having rare ships and stuff for sure, and I have a display binder for faceplates and portraits, but I don’t buy minis to display them- I immediately pop them out and assemble them if I want to keep them!

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