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I guess the big issue I see would be that it would make you the owner of the license not some other corporation.

Indeed, I would likely set up some kind of corporation to get past legal loopholes and whatnot.  It is confusing and I’d have to do a lot of research – even if funds were somehow raised to convince them to sell the license, where does it get “placed” legally?

not that you personally are the issue just that once the ball is in your court where do we go from there?

I certainly like the idea of making money on Pirates after all I’ve done, but honestly I also like the idea of somehow making it public domain so anyone can make anything and nobody gets sued for it.  XD

Would kickstarter also include money to buy the capital necessary to produce more pirates?

That’s where it seems like a community this small would have trouble.  Who knows what NECA would even want for the license to make Pirates CSG stuff – it seems like $10,000+ or in the tens of thousands would be a bare minimum given the prior success of the product and what could be done with it long term.  It would be devastating to somehow raise a huge amount only for them to not fork it over for nearly any amount for whatever reason(s).  I would imagine that producing enough sets/cards to turn a small profit would cost far more than the license.

How does supporting buying the license further help the return of pirates?

I mean if the license were in the hands of the community or public domain, myself and/or others certainly would have a Kickstarter by now to make the game again.

I know if means we have the potential to make new ones but I think you would want to sell a broader package than just the license purchasing.

Great point, I just wanted to throw the idea out there.  The legal stuff is the first hurdle, I wasn’t thinking much past that because even buying the license would seem to be an enormous sum.

I would almost see a kickstarter for raising funds to start a new and separate pirates csg company being more likely than just buying the license. That way people who support the Kickstart would/could become shareholders in the new company. Then with the purchase of the license and a small set up for printing you could revive the game and just sell via online purchases or whatnot to people and of course those who helped support the company.

That makes sense.

I hate to admit it, but I’m not that hopeful about this, at least not in the short term.  I can hardly get the community to post on forums or answer messages, let alone raise thousands of dollars.  I just want to force the issue a bit and get people’s opinions on what is even remotely possible from a starting point.