Reply To: The Fleets Thread


Trying to think of a gimmicky Maman Brigitte fleet right now. Right now I’m thinking…

Maman Brigitte: (23 pts)

– El Fantasma SCS

– Helmsman

– 3 Oarsmen

Snipe: (12 pts)

– Calypso

Banshee’s Cry (4 pts)

– Explorer

– The Hag of Tortuga

Events: MermaidsFoul Winds (6 pts)

Treasure contributed: Cursed Natives, Dead Man’s Chest, Pandora’s Box, Whirlpool, Maps of Alexandria, 2, 7, 7

UTs to potentially use with Pandora’s Box: Kraken Gong, Homing Beacon, Dead Man’s Chest, Ghostly Encounter, Lost (if I load it) Maps of Hades, Cursed Natives, Whirlpool, Bad Maps, Enemy of the State, Buried Treasure, Plunder, Rum (if my opponent loads it.)

Banshee’s Cry obviously is your main explorer. Snipe plops down whirlpools for the Brigitte to jump through to catch haulers. El Fantasma allows you to go ghost to break pins once you ram and snatch all the UTs. The events delay your opponent, allowing you to catch them easier. The UTs delay them. You’re looking for the 7’s and Dead Man’s Chest.

I don’t have nearly enough pieces to make this (I have sadly few UTs) but I somehow think this could be not the worst Maman Brigitte fleet ever.