Reply To: The Fleets Thread


I’ve been making pure/almost pure Spanish Main fleets since my nostalgia kick which got me into hunting down the ships I’ve always wanted, but never pulled. Here’s two:

Spanish Pure* Spanish Main 40 pt fleet:

El Acorazado (31pts)

– Captain Alarico Castro

– Helmsman


Pescados de Plata (9 pts)

– Explorer

Optional non-Spanish Main stuff: Admiral Castro instead of Captain, Castillo del Infanta, Duque Marques Vacarro, Divers (replace it for the explorer)

Very simple strategy. Pescados gets treasure, Acorazado blows up anything else. If you’re playing pure Spanish Main fleets, this one’s pretty tough to stop.


Jack Hawkins 40* pt 90% pure Spanish Main fleet:

My attempt to get the best fleet possible while using the Sea Nymph and Snipe, Hawkins’s two in-universe Spanish Main ships, alongside OG Spanish Main Jack, using as many Spanish Main pieces as possible.

Sea Nymph: (22 pts)

– Captain Jack Hawkins

– Calico Cat (SM)

– Helmsman

Snipe: (9 pts)

– Musketeer

Darkhawk II: (14 pts)

– Captain

– Helmsman

– Explorer

– Oarsman

– The Hag of Tortuga (CC)

The Devil’s Maw

Darkhawk II runs treasure obviously, but it can defend itself very well and be an attacker late game. The Snipe’s job is to establish the fort, then attack any fort your opponent puts up. Failing that, the Snipe can always raid treasure runners. If you lose Hawkins and the Snipe picks him up at the Devil’s Maw, it turns into a really tough raider, as it’s immune to L-range guns and can no longer be rammed due to being a ghost ship. The Sea Nymph will be your attacker, of course. You can replace SM Calico Cat with her OE version and lose the SN’s helmsman and Darkhawk’s Oarsman if you want. I suppose you could also replace the Helmsman with Skyme the Monkey.

I’ve also been on a fleet building kick, currently thinking of a way to build a French fleet to maximize Marines. Might post that later.