Reply To: The Fleets Thread


For the first time in quite a while I just had a flurry of fleet ideas.  Since the MT crisis started last August I’ve been hesitant to post much there, and I don’t have time to flesh out and post all these ideas in full.

I’m (re)posting 2 fleets per day here at PwB, with my personally legendary American Pirates fleet today.  It really amazes me how well that fleet was able to perform despite not even being optimized.  Although the obvious swap is to go from Bandido to Banshee’s Cry + helmsman and explorer, I suddenly realized further potential “optimizations” to make involving at least one of the other two ships.  This led to a crazed flurry of ideas, which was really exciting and fun to experience again.  I’ve been busy with non-gaming Pirates stuff since August of last year and even before that, so it was really cool to have a blast of “power gamer” (phrase I learned from James Ernest) thoughts and get really mentally involved with the strategic and fleet building aspects of the game.

It’s hilarious that my AP fleet can do well in competitive play without even being truly optimized.  It’s a little scary to think that it could be better with some modifications.  For example: (H=Helmsman, E=Explorer)

American Pirates 2: Same Roanoke setup, BC w/H+E instead of Bandido, Bloody Jewel w/H+E, Rover, Mermaid

AP’s 3: Roanoke, BC w/H+E, Darkhawk II w/ H+E

AP’s 4: Same as original AP’s but with NH + explorer instead of Amity + explorer

AP’s 5? Combine basic Hai Peng setup with Roanoke setup

French American Pirates: Roanoke setup (or Pirate hybrid sac monster), Bloody Jewel + helmsman, Intrepide, BC w/H+E, HC

-Modify above setups by replacing Roanoke with Victoire less an oarsman. (French Pirates?)

Pirates fleet: 300 FD + Havana Black, helmsman, explorer, oarsmen x2, Darkhawk II + Captain Blackheart, helmsman, explorer, oarsmen x2.  Last 4 points for HC + Mermaid, or BC + JM

Pirate fleet with Darkhawk II and Hai Peng, + HC and/or BC?


Alright, that’s my little “fleet blast” for now.  Hopefully I’ll eventually get these posted here and MT.  Just a quick trip inside the mind of a Pirates fanatic trying to make competitive fleets even better and more optimized with tons of variations.  XD  Love this game.