Reply To: The Favorites Thread


Faction: France. It would’ve been France if they had sucked because I’m a francophile but I think they’re really good, especially their Revolution fleet, which is full of versatile ships that suit my playstyle perfectly

Set: Also Spanish Main, despite France being my favorite faction. Nostalgia, great little stories, slower and more tactical, and I, like you, like the historical part of the game more than the fantasy.

Ship: Snipe. Shameless self-plug, I just did a review of it at MiniatureTrading which sadly seems to be pretty dead as far as reviews are concerned right now.

Named Crew: Well DJC Jack Hawkins HAD been my favorite until I learned you couldn’t use both of his abilities in the same action. I like his Spanish Main version a lot, as well as Capitane Arathiel. Thomas Gunn the Elder was in the first pack I ever got and I always felt bad I never united him with his son.

UT: Ghostly Encounter easily. Also in the first pack I got, and one of the rarer pieces I own.

Fort: The Devil’s Maw

Equipment: I never bought anything after Ocean’s Edge

Favorite terrible card I still play because I want to: Guy Laplante