Reply To: The Random Topic Thread


I’ve been re-listening to several of the review podcasts where one of the most common complaints said about ships or keywords are their illogical point costs.

Thanks for that!  It’s flattering to hear that anyone has gotten through some of the longer podcasts more than once.

Perhaps a forum page should be dedicated to rule change suggestions?

Sounds good.  I might have time to start that today.  Sometimes it just gets complicated to determine what is being talked about – rule changes vs. point cost changes vs. Pirate Code/etc changes (changes to how the original official rules are interpreted without changing the original rules).

Also, I forgot to mention in my initial reply two others things that make me hesitant.  For one, I’ve got a lot of other big long-term Pirates CSG projects I’m already working on or would prefer to work on.  Second, between the rules of CG4, the Caribbean game, and Game Ideas, I already have a lot of alternative rules things to test out and find what I like best/etc.  I’d rather play (and have fun testing various rules/rulesets) than come up with even more rules alternatives (the World/Caribbean game rulesets was already a massive undertaking in that regard, and is still basically untested…), but finding time and players for campaign games has only gotten more difficult.  If a potential relaunch was more possible or imminent, my tone would be a bit different I think.