Reply To: The Random Topic Thread


Huzzah!  Finally a quick and easy fix!  Looking at this solution, all I had to do to enable pagination of thread topics was to disable the threaded/nested reply feature, which I didn’t really like anyway.  Right now I’ve set things to have up to 100 threads per forum page, with 30 replies per page. (twice MT’s limit of 15; I may increase the latter a bit if nobody complains about slow load times)  Already the Custom Ships thread is loading faster for me.  😀

I’ve been watching lots of Sea of Thieves vids lately. I’m sorely wishing I could play that. Alas, my poor laptop would not be able to support it, and getting a PC that does will be EXPENSIVE.

Yup.  You could use the time you use watching the videos to do something to make money instead.  But then you might not have time to play the game, or you might have better things to do with the money.  🙂