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This would also apply to derelicts and any other situations where a normal ship couldn’t be given a move action for some reason.

I guess I just fundamentally disagree with the ruling.  If a move action cannot be given to the target, then anything that happens as a result of that “move action” cannot occur.  I don’t think it should matter if the opponent wants to give the target a move action – if they can’t, they can’t.  Their will cannot break the rules of the game….

I understand that move actions can be as small as the player wanted, to a fraction of a millimeter just to say they moved.  But if something CAN’T be given a move action, there is no action to give in the first place and thus no following effects can happen that rely on the move action itself.

I feel like interpreting the part that says “the opponent to your right may give this ship a move action” meaning that they can give the ship a “move action” regardless of whether or not they should be able to, supersedes whether or not the target can be given a move action.  In this case, like cancelling the Flotilla keyword and pretending that it has moved on its own somehow.