Reply To: Community too scattered?


I’m holding out a slim hope that the new owners of MT ‘un-ban’ me. I was very frustrated and upset that it snagged my brothers, which I thought was unfair. The ban snagged them because we share and IP address, and that’s what was banned.

That aside, I do believe that community is scattered, with MT still ‘active’ PwB and the FB group, thee are SEVERAL places to post things about pirates. Not to mention the various other social media platforms such as reddit, Instagram and YouTube, though that one is mostly me and Ben.

I agree with you assessment that if MT had gone down as we all thought it would, then the number of people that registered for PwB or the FB group would have gone up, and the community would be a little more focused.

As-is, things are a little scattered, but it also feels a little overwhelming, with the number of places now that you can go to for pirates stuff. It used to just be MT, with BGG and Pojo playing supporting oles. Now in addition to those, thee’s PwB, the Fb group, and more. That diversity is good, but it also spreads the community out more. For instance, thee are people who are only PwB members and post every now and again. Then thee are people who are pat of the FB and Discord, but don’t post/talk to people often on those platforms. If ALL of Pirates could be consolidated under one site or platform, then the community might feel more ‘focused’.