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I also think that Sharpton is fine as-is. I would probably NOT use him on his linked ship though. I’d probably put him on the RV constitution!

Good point… there’s a good case to be made that he should be the one with the massive anti-Pirate/Cursed bonuses, but I don’t necessarily want all that on something like the Zhanfu.  Plus he trained the crew to be like him so I suppose it works.  When I make links I usually don’t think about all the other ships a crew could serve on, so I might unintentionally be creating some powerful combos that aren’t “supposed” to happen flavor wise.  XD

Jean Croyonois
Faction Affiliation: French
Rarity: C
Type: Crew
Point Value: 2
Ability: Black Mark. Secret Hold.
Link: Dominique Akin

Flavor text: Croyonois is fully in league with the Cursed, it’s just that his French friends don’t know it yet. Devereaux tasked him with a secret plan to find a secret relic. Dominique Akin has proven a reliable companion thus far.

Dominique Akin
Faction Affiliation: French
Rarity: C
Type: Crew
Point Value: 3
Ability: Helmsman. Ship treasure trading. [Once per turn, if this ship carries treasure and is within S of an enemy ship, you may randomly trade one treasure with that ship.]
Link: Jean Croyonois

Flavor text: A former slave from the African coast, Akin found new life after being saved by Jean Croyonois. His recent travels have included trips to Japan and the increasingly busy (and dangerous) isles of Australia.

Historical Custom of the Day #356

Sadie Farrell
6 points
Ability: This ship gets +1 to her boarding rolls. If this ship wins a boarding party, she may capture the crew with the LOWEST point cost instead of eliminating it. A captured crew becomes cargo worth its point cost in gold when unloaded at your home island.

She is believed to have been a vicious street mugger in New York’s “Bloody” Fourth Ward. Upon encountering a lone traveler, she would headbutt like a charging goat a man in the stomach and her male accomplice would hit the victim with a slingshot and then rob him. Sadie, according to popular underworld lore, was engaged in a long-time feud with a tough, six-feet-tall female bouncer Gallus Mag, who finally bit off Sadie’s ear in a bar fight, as Mag was known to do, albeit usually with male trouble-makers.

Ummmm…. O_O

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