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I really like the Justice and Sharpton.

Glad to hear that!

the + to die rolls would affect cannons yes? O would it only affect things like EA/SAT, Boarding?

+1 to d6 rolls against a specific faction is simply an upgraded version of the typical faction-hater ability that affects cannon rolls.  It applies to all d6 rolls made specifically AGAINST that faction or factions.  Which generally means combat rolls – it’s a lot easier to say “+1 to her d6 rolls against the Pirates” than “+1 to her cannon, ramming, and boarding rolls against the Pirates.”

It’s meant to be a catch-all and an upgraded version of the “hating” abilities.  It wouldn’t apply to things like EA or SAT, because those are not necessarily being used against Pirates, even if the ship is right next to a Pirate ship.  (because you could game it by pretending to get the +1 to an SAT roll, then just move away instead of doing combat stuff)  There needs to be a direct link between what the ship is doing and the faction of the opponent she’s antagonizing.

There’s a lot of different ways you can word the various bonus abilities, some of which Wizkids certainly played around with.  On opposite ends of the spectrum for example, you could have “+1 to her boarding rolls against Pirate ships” (arguably not worth a full point) vs. “+1 to her d6 rolls against the Pirates” (potentially game-changing if your opponent has an all-Pirate fleet).  The latter would mean cannon/ramming/boarding rolls against Pirate ships, but ALSO those kinds of rolls against Pirate forts, marines, etc, because it doesn’t specify that it has to be a ship.

Hopefully that clears things up, because I have a lot of game pieces in both sets with variations of the bonus abilities.  It all depends on the flavor and how much animosity or incentive there is.  In the case of the Justice, the crew are so against Pirates that they get a massive +3 bonus to ALL rolls against ANY Pirate entities, about as extreme as I could think of.  She’s not quite worth her cost when facing non-Pirate and non-Cursed opponents, but it’s possible that the Justice should be more expensive.  I realize there may be some fringe cases where it’s difficult to determine if the bonus should apply, but I haven’t seen/encountered those yet.