Reply To: The Podcast Thread


Glad to see the first Podcast of 2019. Thanks to everyone who participates in this content. Listening to your discussions and topics of Pirates is away fun while I work and I greatly appreciate the work you all put in.

Regarding your concern about available content and podcast frequency I would suggest you worry less about the number of episodes/ how frequent they are and more about quality of content.
As you pointed out in this latest podcast you all maintained a fairly consistent podcast schedule in 2018 covering all the sets and many customs while maintaining good quality discussions and format. As schedules change and life changes it makes sense to me that you all can’t record as often as you would like and personally I have not problem with that. It takes time out of your schedule to record and publish this content.

My suggestion forward then would be to focus more on the podcast content and discussion than the regularity of the content. (recording a lot at once then publishing it out in pieces over several weeks is a good model that can save you all a lot of time is widely used for Youtube channels and podcasts alike).

Regarding suggestions (I may have said some of these before on MT) here are a few ideas that range from easily accessible to some near journalist ideas.

#1. Continue to cover customs (maybe less frequently if they are not in popular demand)

#2. Go over Godmason’s, Ben’s, and others Top 10 Ranking threads. You all covered thousands of ships over each of the set reviews but now you can take some time to really cover the cream of the crop. I would suggest even going over it by faction, ship type, strategy focus(gold vs combat).

#3. Phone interview/skype sessions with  woelf, or perhaps other former wizkids employee’s. Talk about whatit was like to work in Wizkids. How the sets were designed and put together. Other insider info

#4. Interview other facebook or forum players who may have expereinced the tournaments and other pirates events back in the old days.