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Serene Gasp
Faction Affiliation: Jade Rebellion
Rarity: C
Type: Ship
Point Value: 13
Number of Masts: 2
Cargo Space: 5
Base Move: S+S
Cannons: 4S-3L
Ability: Junk. If this ship has a crew with the Shipwright or Cannoneer ability, she gets +1 to her d6 rolls. When this ship is docked at your home island, you may eliminate one treasure. It becomes a 3S cannon that can be eliminated only when the ship sinks.

Flavor text: Although her cargo hold is large enough to be a profitable merchant ship, this ship’s captain insists on a combat focus. With a full complement of crew and some extra cannons aboard, the Serene Gasp is positioned to be a small but fearsome warship.

Historical Custom of the Day #345

Thomas Best
7 points
Ability: Captain. Cannoneer. Ship treasure trading. This ship gets +1 to her cannon rolls against Portuguese ships.
Link: Scourge of Malice, Garland, George Best

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