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Burning Abyss
Faction Affiliation: Cursed
Rarity: C
Type: Ship
Point Value: 17
Number of Masts: 2
Cargo Space: 5
Base Move: S+S
Cannons: 2L-2L
Ability: Longship. Possession. [If an enemy ship is within S of this ship, you can use this ship’s action for the turn to try to possess a target crew on that ship. Roll a d6; on a result of 6, the target is immediately assigned to this ship. Its nationality changes to match the nationality of this ship.] If this ship hits with a 6, inflict fire masts instead of regular damage.

Flavor text: Taking cues from the infamous Papa Doc, the crew of the Burning Abyss burn their enemies alive and use them as food. The ship has surprised many with how powerful she is for her size.

Historical Custom of the Day #331

Adam Baldridge
1 point
Ability: Loyal: Pirate. This crew can only use its abilities in forts. You may use gold from this fort to purchase equipment from outside the game.

You can find my custom sets here: Pirates of the Age of Sail and Pirates of the Epic Seas