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Tegrin is fun, what a neat ship I would definitely try to use.

I don’t think Krahnzi works. At a minimum I think the rolls should be cut in half (1-3 no effect, 4-6 have effects), it’s a very OP crew. Artaka is cool though. Your 10 master combo is good, but to me it feels too similar to the Baochuan/Zheng He.

Misty Moor
Faction Affiliation: French
Rarity: C
Type: Fort
Gold Cost: 5
Cannons: 3S-3S-4S-4S-4S-4S
Ability: At any time during your turn you may place up to 3 fog banks from outside the game so that they touch this island. They cannot be placed under enemy ships. Eliminate these fog banks at the beginning of your next turn.

Flavor text: Known as a defensive haven for fleeing Frenchmen, the Misty Moor is home to an old dilapidated castle in the center of the island. It is said that spirits control the fog clouds that often envelop the island. Although the castle is in a state of disrepair, the docks work as intended.

Historical Custom of the Day #326

John Swann
4 points
Ability: Helmsman. Cannoneer.
Link: Robert Culliford

You can find my custom sets here: Pirates of the Age of Sail and Pirates of the Epic Seas