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Pirates CSG Podcast #36 – News, Recent Rulings, How to Use Synergistic Pieces, and Norvegia

Question of the Day: How do you use pieces synergistically? (combos/etc)



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-Set Reviews now officially done, so we’ve literally discussed ALL existing game pieces PLUS nearly all the Unreleased game pieces that are publicly known (covers various “game piece reviews” mentioned in suggestions, plus you can see additional thoughts on most game pieces in my Collection Review Series:
-Nobody has requested custom game piece reviews, and one person even said they wanted less, so might do less of that moving forward. Link to Podcast survey is below – please provide idea suggestions!

Recent Rulings:

How to use synergistic pieces: +1 to cargo on flotillas – devastating combos available
Norvegia –
Norvegia vs. Altar of the Loa at 40 points:

Strategy talk: who to annoy or help in various situations you don’t expect – should you help or hurt certain opponents at various times? Especially in multiplayer. Examples include Pandora’s Box, Message in a Bottle with tied islands, Maps of Hades, etc. (with Maps – could go back and forth to toy with opponent)

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