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Got another one.  Fruit says “Fruit takes up 2 cargo spaces and cannot be unloaded.”

The Pirate Code says:

-UTs may be transferred between ships like standard treasure (via an explore action), and may be transferred by abilities and effects that steal, take, or trade treasure, unless an ability specifically prevents them from being unloaded or removed from a ship.


-A “transfer” occurs any time cargo is moved from one location to another, whether it is through the use of an explore action, a boarding action, an ability, or any other means.

–“Load” and “unload” refer to transfers in a specific direction, either on or off a ship, respectively.

To me it seems slightly contradictory, or at least confusing.  Can Fruit be transferred between ships, or is that still considered “unloading”?

When using the Pandora’s Box UT, couldn’t players use that opportunity to place more boxes on the same ship, essentially creating an “infinite loop” of boxes and endless “free” UT’s until a player voluntarily stopped the loop?  O_O   XD