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The Makuta keyword is worth 7 points at minimum.  +2 to cannon rolls is fantastic (8 points for that makes a lot of sense obviously), and the additional linking option is neat.  Trying to keep it at 5 (basically what basic +1 world haters are already worth) seems futile to me.  So Antroz should be at least 13.

I assume Wizkids left the origins of Scorpion ships unexplained in the flavor text – if not, Mutran may have some competition.  XD  Not sure which version of Mutran would be more fair – the cap is the main key so I think playtesting could commence with either version.

Gosh Chirox would be OP on any large Cursed gunship.  It may have been Wizkids’ intention to not give them the powerful basic WH at 4 points, and here they get a simple double bonus for just 5?  Good flavor text though – the evilness is fitting for the Cursed.

@JW_D: The Slash is amazing.  Probably better than the Uncommon 17 point version of the Black Pearl.  I think 19 points is the place to start.

Agreed with Xerecs about Silverback John.

McKeagan’s ability combo is OP in general and there’s good reason we never saw that from Wizkids.  (similar to SAT+Helmsman, or SAT+Captain)

Assuming you mean a base move of L for Adler, she could be very cheap, I think 5 points.

I think Paradise City is probably broken in campaign games.  Changing it to a 6 would help a bit.  There would be an awkward situation where a bunch of ships are just redocking and trying their luck rather than spending turns actually repairing.

Love the Pandora except the name (same as SM ship).  (I’m a sucker for ships with high cargo and S speed that are playable but underrated)

I like Eternal at 3 points so Gregory Rose could be 7 and still quite a good crew.

Love the ability of the Burnt Bones – I’ve got it on at least one of my customs.