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I’ll start things off! This was the story introduction for the ‘Free the Pirate King’ fleet challenge I hosted on MT.



Jack Hawkins was not in a good mood. Locked away in his cabin, he had given strict orders to not be disturbed, yet there was a pounding on his door. Rolling out of his hammock, Hawkins strode to the door and wrenched it open.

“I thought I was VERY specific sailor, I was not to be disturbed, not even if Jones himself came upon us.”

“Aye sir, you did say that, but captain…..”

“This had better be good sailor, or it’s your head.”

Hawkins shoved past the frightened pirate and clambered up onto deck. Squinting in the brightness, Jack looked around, and quickly noted another ship bearing down from the starboard. Slung low in the water, her sails were unmistakable.

“Seems you were right to rouse me sailor, All hands, prepare to board, we have company!”

The crew burst into action, readying cannons, grapples, and weapons, when jack shouted again,

“Stay the cannons lads, we won’t be needing them.”

He then strode to the starboard rail, a hand on his sword. The Star of Siam was soon broadside, and lines were thrown from both ships, and a gangway lowered. Wesley ‘the Dread Pirate’, soon came across, accompanied by two stout and burly souls. Jack walked back away from the rail to stand amid ships.

“Have a table and chairs brought forth.”

Two crewmen scurried to obey and soon returned with a rickety table, and sagging chairs, Jack sat down in one, and motioned for Wesley to do the same.

“To what do I owe the great pleasure of a meeting with the ‘Dread Pirate’?”

“I have news, Jack, and a Summons.”

“A summons? For me? From whom?”

Wesley produced a tattered and folded parchment from inside his coat, laid it on the table, and slid it across to Jack. He looked at it dubiously, then picked it up and unfolded it. It was a royal missive, clearly intercepted by Wesley, but what it said……

Jack looked from the parchment to Wesley and back again.

“Is this true?”

“Aye Jack it is, I had my spies confirm it.”

Jack folded the parchment again, and slipped it into his own coat, the crew gathered on deck looked on in confusion. Jack leaned back in his chair, the chair protesting as he did so.

“Your summons is from the others isn’t it?”

“Aye, a gathering has been called, and we must honor the summon Jack.”

Jack chewed his lip, not liking what he was hearing.

“Are they thinking of a rescue?”

“I believe they’re going to try something like that. Calico and the Angel are already waiting, and I hear even Blackheart is coming. I went to inform and bring you Jack.”

“Angus will be there eh? Hope he’s forgiven me for all the past duels, and if not I’ll simply beat him again.”

“Be careful Jack, they say Blackheart is worse than Jones nowadays.”

Jack laughed.

“Then it’s a good thing I’m not afraid of either one! Very well ‘Dread Pirate’ I’ll go to your little gathering and maybe I’ll help with your little rescue, but only so I can keep these waters safe for our kind.”

Wesley stood and motioned to his two guards, and the three of them returned to their ship. Jack waited until they were halfway across before shouting,

“Cast off lads! Adjust course to follow the Star! Full sail!”

The crew burst into action, hauling in lines, and unfurling sail. Jack retreated back to his cabin, closed and locked his door, and sat at his desk. He pulled out the parchment Wesley had given him, and once again unfolded it look at it.

“Seems your luck has either run out, or is good enough to summon the Lords together, Mysion.”