Reply To: Introduce Yourself! Join the Crew!


Avast ye scoundrel, Xerecs is here! In other places I be a mighty Lord Sentinel, but here I’s me humble self. I be named after a tragic character in a fantastic epic. Perhaps one day the story will be told…….


I be a-playing this game more than I be collecting it, though I have me eyes ever on the horizon. Lookin for me missin booty an treasure.

Me favorite thing aboot this game be the customization ye can achieve. Ye can dash the rules an make yer own, or ye can get VERY complicated wit yer games. If ye fancy yeself a creative sort ye can even maker yer own ships to sail on the seas in pursuit of fine and wondrous treasure!

Alas, I was once part of another place for pirates, but I was banned from there. Now I hear it’s a goin belly up, so perhaps me being forced out weren’t such a bad ting. While I were there I was known by me same name ‘ere, and iffen you look closely, ye can still see where I left me mark…..

I be known by other names in other places, there’s the alter version of meself that can be found on the book of faces. ‘Owever me name as given here is what I be known as amongst the discord, and in the place for geeks of board-games.