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Interesting.  I just tried copying and pasting something with formatting already in it.  It posted as it should in the Visual editor.  When I switched to Text, I saw all the code formatting but switching back to Visual fixed it again.  It could be easiest to just copy what you want from whatever document you’re working in, in the same format you want it to show up here.  I have custom of the day templates that I just fill out each day for mine, though I’ll adjust them slightly now due to the new editor.  I actually like this FAR better than the previous version, so I hope it sticks long-term.  (since you don’t have to see code in your post writing box, and it’s just more intuitive and nicer looking overall – also no need for the preview plugin, which is great since too many plugins can slow down the site)  You could also play around with pasting options – pasting normally could preserve formatting, but also might mess things up.  Paste as plain text (ctrl+shift+v) might help a bit, but you don’t want to redo formatting.  If you’re pasting from a spreadsheet or non-typical text document, perhaps that’s part of the issue since things seem fine on my end.  I even logged into my test account here to see what it’s like for a non-admin, and was able to use the new box here with the formatting just fine.

You posted the Spirah without a point cost, which is why I suggested one.

O_O  Shadow Leech affects all die rolls??  That is even more unfair lol.

Enemy ships within S of this ship get -1 to their cannon rolls and have their base move reduced to S.

We’ll see how that quote shows up.  Anyway, once again I’m seeing something different from what you’re saying.  Even -1 to cannons is OP in my opinion.  If a World Hater is 4 points and a “true” World Hater (without the “non-X” limitation) could be arguably worth 5, what is a “reverse WH” that can affect 3-4 ships easily, worth?  15 points?  Then you’ve got great speed and a huge speed reduction on top of that.  If you don’t want to go with a cap, I’d say choose between -1 to cannons OR reduce speeds to S.  Even then, with no cap I think the ship could also be slower, such as just S or L speed.  I know it’s annoying, but it’s also good to keep in mind the ramifications of copying such devastating abilities to a far more durable ship.

Ah here we go again… Mutran and Chirox are awesome names, but that just seems like an OP crew to me.  +2 to cannon rolls with no non-Cursed limitation is arguably worth 8-9 total points, and I think 7 at a bare minimum.  The main ability is clearly extremely good, and once again seems excessive with no limit to the number of ships affected.  On a ghostly Delusion that could turn a large battle, and looks to be of cheap cost.  Is your intention to prevent all shoot actions, or all shooting?  Worded as-is I would strongly argue that Captained shoots would still be viable.  If not, I think we’re looking at a 20 point crew.

I know it’s hard to playtest everything (and some of my stuff is surely going to be OP come game time I would assume), but it’s necessary to think about how this will actually play out.  Just Mutran alone on the Delusion makes for a rather ridiculous scene: “I get +2 to all 10 of my cannons, and if you get close to me, you can’t even shoot back.”  The ability also strays into Le Bonaparte territory, so of course I’m not going to like it.  :/

PS: Ctrl+u does work for underlining text, though it doesn’t show up in the buttons menu.