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I’m hard pressed to think of any decent gold runners for the mercs.

Devil Ray and Matuku are both better as pure gold runners, and cost less. If I used the Moonscape I’d want a captain on her almost every time.

Indeed, the Rod could easily be modified to a regular 5-6 SAT if it’s too good.

Krahta is interesting. If you were playing against it, it would be hilarious to try and “herd” it with a bunch of ships to keep it confined somewhat and get a bunch of free UT’s to break the game. XD It sounds amusing, but not something that would work well in more serious games. (as with anything that brings outside stuff into the game)
Love the Fallen Angel, which I immediately recognized as similar to the Heartless Angel/Fallen One move from Final Fantasy (I realize that wasn’t the inspiration). She reminds me a bit of some of my Cursed 4 masters.

Severed Limb
Faction Affiliation: Cursed
Rarity: SE
Type: Ship
Point Value: 17
Number of Masts: 3
Cargo Space: 5
Base Move: S+S
Cannons: 2S-3L-4L
Ability: Windcatcher. Fear. Grape Shot. [When this ship is given a shoot action, one of her cannons can shoot a grape shot. Declare which cannon will shoot the grape shot before rolling a d6. If it hits, eliminate a crew instead of a mast.] This ship gets +1 to her boarding rolls.

Flavor text: Once they run out of cannonballs, the crew of this ship stuff their cannons with the dismembered body parts of past victims.

Historical Custom of the Day #276

Alexander Dalzeel
7 points
Ability: Captain. This ship gets +1 to her boarding rolls. This ship can use Parley against English and Spanish ships. This crew cannot be captured or eliminated.
Link: Henry Every

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