Reply To: Holiday Booty Giveaway Contest!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2022 Holiday Booty Giveaway Contest!  I have read/watched all the submitted Battle Reports and here are the results in regards to the extra prizes. There were only 6-7 total entrants so everyone will get the standard goodies!


  1. Skelebone 1, Skelebone 2, Skelebone 11/29, Skelebone 12/2 (twice as many games played as anyone else and some at relatively high build totals, plus very descriptive and easy to understand reports with great postgame summaries with lessons learned/etc.)
  2. CrazyIvan 1, CrazyIvan 2 (excellent videos and BR production effort!)
  3. Captain Vendari 1, Captain Vendari 2 (great pictures and summary)
  4. Highlander 1, Highlander 2 (nice high quality pictures!)
  5. Slappin300s/T26E4 (minimal reporting but impressive game scale)
  6. Ochobrazo2298 (scattered throughout channel) – no top 5 prize due to game not starting or ending in time window, which I should have clarified beforehand as not being much of an issue. Would have been 2nd or 3rd if finished by the end of 12/4, but will receive some kind of extra prize due to size/epicness of game and effort involved with custom stuff included.

There were also some awesome pictures posted by a member of the FB group within the contest time window; I’ve asked if they would like a prize as well even if not originally intending to submit specifically for the contest.

Great job to all and I hope you keep enjoying this game as much as I saw in the BR’s!  Let me know if you are able to make good use of the prizes once you have them and we can all continue the pirate traditions of enjoying this game and sharing it!