Reply To: The Fleets Thread


60 Point American fleet
USS Constitution + captain, helmsman, tribal chieftain
Destiny + Wayne Nolan, Brent Rice, captain, chain shot
Hessian + helmsman, shipwright, oarsman
American Native Canoes
UT’s: Weapons, Enemy of the State, Power Cannons, Marines
Islands: not too far apart due to max speed of L+S, but want some room to flex Destiny’s max cannon ranges.
Terrain: Likely reefs and a fog bank – all gold runners are immune to reefs here.

Fun American fleet I used in a game.  You could swap Nolan for Commodore Perry on Constitution, then use the 5 points to add Rattlesnake/etc.

UT selection was based on the abilities present. Marines are ignored by the canoes and Hessian can repair if she finds them. Weapons helps all three ships with crew quite a bunch. Enemy of the State is easily carried by a “sacrificial” canoe or yanked off Hessian by a canoe that doesn’t need to dock at home. Power Cannons is meant to get Destiny to 4L range cannons, but can be utilized effectively by the Constitution as well.