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70 Point Durable Endeavour build
HMS Endeavour + RotF HGold, Brother Virgil, DJC Davy Jones, 2 points left for Ralph David + oarsman, or RotF TvTyne (up to 12 masts/turn), or Oarsman + Letter of Marque/Lucky the Parrot/etc.
HMS Lord Kenyon + Robinson, Thomas Gunn (F&S), Lord Mycron, navigator
+Oarsman on HI

Idea is to copy Lord Kenyon’s ability to Endeavour to make the beast a more offensively charged version of El Acorazado. Swap out the Eternal crew for others if playing deathmatch with HI’s and/or Eternal banned. Lord Kenyon acts as one of the best cheerleaders ever, giving Endeavour the ability to hit on 2’s, two actions per turn every turn, and sometimes a +S boost to increase chances at initiating combat.

If Endeavour is lost, LK can drop the navigator for the oarsman and be a somewhat annoying final customer for the opponent with *essentially* 2S guns and 4 hits to dismast.

With cheese this is adaptable to a non-deathmatch 70 point game too. Just swap navigator on LK and HI oarsman for 0LR+5 Bratley, then for the 8 points left add in whatever you want for gold runners (Banshee’s Cry + explorer, Rover, Mermaid, etc).