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Faction Affiliation: Cursed
Rarity: U
Type: Ship
Point Value: 16
Number of Masts: 4
Cargo Space: 5
Base Move: L
Cannons: 5S-4L-3L-4S
Ability: Once per turn, roll a d6. On a 4-6, you may eliminate up to 2 masts and 2 crew on any ship within S of this ship.

Flavor text: Disguised as a Spanish merchant galleon, the gleeful crew of this nasty Cursed vessel have a penchant for tricking their victims into thinking that something legitimately went innocently wrong. Only after realizing their buffoonery do their enemies surrender their valuables at the tip of Cursed blades, or die in the ensuing explosion when the ship is blown to pieces by explosives planted by Cursed operatives.

Historical Custom of the Day #266

Sulayman Reis
Barbary Corsair
10 points
Ability: Captain. AA. Dutch crew can use their abilities on this ship.
Link: Zymen Danseker, Murat Reis the Younger

You can find my custom sets here: Pirates of the Age of Sail and Pirates of the Epic Seas