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Is terrain applied to docking location after Message in a Bottle is triggered?  (I assume it would be on a case by case basis whether or not the terrain rules say “touches” vs. “moves over”)

Is PotC Dead Man’s Chest automatically unloaded to an HI if you are stating not to use it for any gold? (ex: to keep it on your ship and use it at a later time, or it must be unloaded for 0 gold)

Are outriggers considered part of the bow for movement/etc purposes? (Catamarans/canoes/etc)

Can you trigger the Mines UT when a ship already within S starts moving? (regardless of which direction it is going, such as away from the ship with Mines)

Can a ship still use S-Board if Mines causes it to become derelict?  Can the same ship still shoot before that last cannon gets eliminated by Mines?  For clarity, I assume the wording in the UT “end of her move” means her move action, not move segment?

Do you skip an eliminated player’s turn with Altar of the Loa if all they have left in play is a fort?

Can native canoes redock at a wild island that was S-explored on the first turn of a game to take gold from it as a free action? (I assume yes because they’re given move actions, not explore actions)

If the below theoretically happened: is the flotilla’s movement (straight ahead with the St. Joan) blocked by the tentacle? (knowing that the monster cannot pin the flotilla)