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Lots of good points for discussion – this could almost be a thread entirely on its own.

I thought about it, but realized how much of it applies to this thread’s topics and wanted to keep it here.

Thanks for your extended answers, I always love hearing your perspective on these topics.

I agree with you about some luck in the game being a good thing for sure.  My lesson learned on that is more in regards to caring too much about the result when one d6 roll or playing the game to proper completion would have swung the winner.  When the standings feel flawed as a result, I simply enjoy the game a bit less.  On one hand maybe I should get into a less luck-dependent game, but I think I’d rather just separate some of the recent games I’ve played from the more competitive 1v1 standard games I miss.

: Thanks for your input!

I think it would take quite a lot of work to make the game “fair” at this point in a competitive sense.

Probably a difference in perspective, but I think fairness is less important at the competitive level, because competition inherently means trying to gain some kind of advantage (whether fair or not) over the opposition.

From a different angle, I see your point in terms of making a competitive environment fair for a lot of people, especially newer players or people who have small collections lacking competitive game pieces.