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Regarding the Davy Jones’ Key UT: “Swap Davy Jones’ Key with one face-down treasure on any other wild island.”

-I assume it’s revealed when found?  Or can you do a covert swap?  Is it placed face down on the island it gets put on?

-If it’s the last coin in play and there is no swap to be made, is it loaded onto the ship?

-What happens if the final two coins in play are both Keys? Whenever one is found, it gets swapped back and forth with the other in a loop.


Can you start the game with ships at your home island touching?

What happens if an oared ship is docked at a player’s home island such that no ship can touch its bow?  Is the ship uncaptureable?  (could see this as a niche “stalemate” issue with Wolves in play, no way to eliminate it, and no way for one player to eliminate the other if their last ship cannot be captured/sunk)

In a multiplayer game, which opponent chooses the tied island for the Message in a Bottle UT? (“Immediately dock this ship at the wild island with the fewest treasure coins on it. If there is a tie, your opponent chooses which tied island this ship docks at.”)