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I think Ballast would alter the game, for better or worse.  A lot of ships would get it and eliminate it immediately to get the whole +S for the game, acting as a stackable helmsman which when paired would give any ship +S+S to their base move.  By eliminating it before moving, you could also use the free transfer rules while docked at your home island to bring on another crew into the cargo space it doesn’t occupy after elimination.  Also, is there a reason you made it a crew and not equipment? (ballast as… bodies?)

Wizkids generally underpriced the gold bonus abilities, I would estimate +3 gold could be worth 5-7 points.  To avoid potential future confusion I would put any custom keywords in every post they are applicable to, or link a doc/spreadsheet with all of them in the same area.

I’d probably put Zenith at 18-19 points for playtesting.

Joli Rouge is a rather fascinating potential “all or nothing” ship.  I would change the 1-3 result to “this ship cannot be given any actions this turn”.

Neat customs overall, thanks for sharing!