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I would argue that the Matoran Canoes are likely more OP than the Chaser, though I like them better.

Faction Affiliation: Barbary Corsair
Rarity: R
Type: Ship
Point Value: 9
Number of Masts: 1
Cargo Space: 0
Base Move: T
Cannons: 2S-2S-2S-2S
Ability: Flotilla. Extended Range. This flotilla eliminates cargo with every hit if the target is within S of this flotilla.

Flavor text: With heavy carronades capable of devastating short-range damage, the Corsairs broke from tradition to construct their first flotilla. Tripoli’s merchants hope she can be as devastating as her namesake, to protect trade against the growing dangers of the Mediterranean.

Historical Custom of the Day #253

Alonso Hernández Puertocarrero
3 points
Ability: This ship gets +1 to her boarding rolls. Place this crew face up during setup. Reduce the cost of all other crew placed on this ship by 1.
Link: Hernan Cortes

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