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Had a couple ideas that I would appreciate some feedback on:

*Updated thanks to Xerecs and Woelf


Ironclad – This ship requires two hits to eliminate one of its masts. Ramming cannot eliminate this ships masts

Return Fire – When this ship is shot at, after the enemy ship has completed their attack action, as a free action, this ship may return fire with all remaining masts. While conducting this action, this ship must roll a 5 or 6 hit.


Unique Treasures:

Fresh Supplies – When revealed, roll a d6. On a 1 or 2, this ship gains an extra +L move next turn. On a 3 or 4, this ship gains +1 to its rolls next turn. On a 5 or 6, this ship gains an extra action next turn. Remove this treasure from the game after use.

Shells – When the ship carrying Shells is given a shoot action, every shot that hits an enemy vessel will remove one mast regardless of any abilities. For every cannon that rolls a 1, take one mast off your own ship. Remove this card from the game after your turn. (For use against ironclads and ships that ignore hits)


MCPO Harvey “Hammer” Johnson – American – Cost 7

Shipwright. This ship gets +1 to boarding and cannon rolls. At the end of every turn, as a free action, roll a d6. On a 5 or 6 repair one mast on this ship. If this ship is set on fire, a roll of 3-6 will extinguish all flames.

“Harvey is one of the saltiest master chiefs in all of the United States’ Navy. Characterized by his no nonsense demeanor and his years worth of experience, his expertise and bluntly spoken advice is well respected by any decent seafaring captain. Although he has aged due to his years at sea, one thing remains the same, he will never give up the ship.


Emile de Chateurenault – France – Cost 11 points

Captain, Return Fire, this ship gains +1 to all dice rolls

“As a graduate of the Royal Naval Academy, of France, Chateurenault rose through the ranks of the navy quickly. His belief of regular training and strict discipline leads his crews to be some of the finest in all of France. Chateurenault’s exploits are something of a legend amongst all captains. From his near spotless battle record to his expeditions across the known world, Emile de Chateurenault is a naval captain to be respected by friend and foe alike.




Le Ronde – France

Cost: 14 – Movement: L – Cargo: 3 – Cannons: 2S 3L 2S

Ironclad. Broadsides Attack. On the turn this ship is pinned, eliminate one crew and one mast from the enemy ship.

“Le Ronde is a shining achievement in French metalwork and shipbuilding. Enduring conflict with the English and Pirates alike resulted in the French reaching to create a defensable frontline ship. The name “Le Ronde” or “The Rotund” came from the ships extreme weight from its armoring resulting in the hull bulging out as a means to displace more water.”

This ship is meant to be a dedicated brawler. Ironclad makes it a harder nut to crack and its abilities make it a significant danger when rammed or ramming.


HMS Pinnacle – Great Britain

Cost: 17 – Movement L+S – Cargo: 4 – Cannons: 3L 3L 3L

Ironclad, Turbine

“HMS Pinnacle is the Royal Navy’s latest achievement in naval architecture. With the sightings of more ferocious adversaries near crown territories, the British immediately dispatched the Pinnacle to rapidly track down and engage such enemies with precision. The HMS Pinnacle serves as an excellent interceptor as it continues to hunt down all enemies alike.”

A great raiding vessel that acts as a Jack of All Trades.